Class HttpRequestProcessorServlet

All Implemented Interfaces:
jakarta.servlet.Servlet, jakarta.servlet.ServletConfig, Serializable
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public abstract class HttpRequestProcessorServlet extends jakarta.servlet.http.HttpServlet
This servlet processes requests that are dispatched by the HttpRequestDispatcher. It is not actually an implementation of RequestProcessor, but uses a nested LocalRequestProcessor to do the actual processing. This is not a problem though, since an HttpRequestProcessorServlet receives its requests via HTTP and not via a Java interface. It accepts a ListenerObjectRetriever and a ListenerObjectExecutor, just like any other RequestProcessor.

RRiBbit over HTTP uses POST exclusively. Other HTTP methods are NOT used.

This is an abstract class, because it needs a ListenerObjectRetriever and a ListenerObjectExecutor to do its work, just like any other RequestProcessor. These however, cannot be passed in the constructor, since passing objects in a constructor cannot be done with Java Servlets. The programmer must therefore subclass this class and provide a ListenerObjectRetriever and a ListenerObjectExecutor via the abstract methods.

If you use Spring, then the SpringHttpRequestProcessorServlet provides an implementation of this class that retrieves the ListenerObjectRetriever and the ListenerObjectExecutor from the WebApplicationContext.

An HttpRequestProcessorServlet can be mounted on an SSL or a non-SSL server, it should make no difference to its behaviour.

G.J. Schouten
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