Package org.rribbit

Class ListenerObject


public class ListenerObject extends Object
This class represents an executable Listener. All the details of the Listener annotation, the method that it's declared on and the target object are stored, so that RRiBbit has a ready-made object to execute when it receives a request that matches a Listener. Mainly used for internal processing of requests and responses, not for users of the RRiBbit library.
G.J. Schouten
  • Constructor Details

    • ListenerObject

      public ListenerObject()
  • Method Details

    • getTarget

      public Object getTarget()
    • setTarget

      public void setTarget(Object target)
    • getMethod

      public Method getMethod()
    • setMethod

      public void setMethod(Method method)
    • getReturnType

      public Class<?> getReturnType()
    • setReturnType

      public void setReturnType(Class<?> returnType)
    • getHints

      public List<String> getHints()
    • setHints

      public void setHints(List<String> hints)
    • toString

      public String toString()
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