Class AbstractListenerObjectExecutor

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
MultiThreadedListenerObjectExecutor, SequentialListenerObjectExecutor

public abstract class AbstractListenerObjectExecutor extends Object implements ListenerObjectExecutor
This ListenerObjectExecutor provides a blueprint for the execution of a Collection of ListenerObjects and the processing of their results. The only thing left to implementation subclasses is to actually use the methods provided in this class to actually do the execution. The implementations can decide on, for example, sequential or multi-threaded execution of the different ListenerObjects.

Please note that this class uses the java method Method.invoke() and this method does NOT work with varargs. So, if you want to call a listener method that accepts varargs, you MUST explicitly pass an array where the varargs are expected, even if that array is empty, otherwise, the method will NOT match and will NOT be executed.

G.J. Schouten