Package org.rribbit

Annotation Interface Listener

@Retention(RUNTIME) @Target(METHOD) public @interface Listener
This annotation is used to declare a Listener in RRiBbit. Whenever you declare this annotation on a method, it will be eligible for invocation by RRiBbit's ListenerObjectExecutor, provided that the target method has been processed by an appropriate ListenerObjectCreator.

This annotation should only be declared on public methods, since non-public methods will be ignored by RRiBbit. Please note that in Java, method annotations are NOT inherited. This means that, if you override/implement a method in a subclass or subinterface, and the overriding/implementing method does not have the annotation, then that method will not inherit it. If a class or interface just inherits a method, without overriding it, then the annotation WILL exist.

The hint parameter can contain both a single hint or a list of hints.

NOTE: When using interface-based Spring Proxy's, you have to declare your Listener annotations on the interface-methods, not the class methods. RRiBbit does not even need to know about the implementing classes, it will simply ask Spring for a bean that implements the interface that the method is declared in.

G.J. Schouten
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