Versions and Downloads

Latest: 3.0.0 (18-02-2015)

What's new?

  • Upgraded RRiBbit to Java 8. This means that RRiBbit will skip Java 7. Java 6 and 7 users can use the 2.7.0 release instead.

  • Upgraded entire codebase to use Java 8 features.

  • Upgraded all libraries and static analysis rules to the latest versions.

  • Switched from Apache Commons Codec to native Java 8 for Base64 encoding. Dependency for Apache Commons Codec is now removed.

  • Switched from Log4J to Logback for unit test logging.

  • Switched from Cobertura to JaCoCo for unit test coverage.

  • Switched from Mortbay Jetty to Eclipse Jetty for unit test http testing.

  • Dropped Maven Dashboard plugin, as it does not support JaCoCo.

  • Various minor fixes in the documentation and the website.


2.7.0 (16-02-2014)

What's new?

  • When scanning packages for Listeners, you can now choose to scan subpackages as well. All constructors and methods that take a packagename now take a boolean as well, to indicate whether to scan subpackages, so if you use any of those constructors or methods, you will have to update your code.


2.6.0 (23-11-2013)

What's new?

  • It is now possible to specify the ClassLoader to use for getting classes from a package during package scanning. This can be done by overriding the getClassLoader() method in AbstractClassBasedListenerObjectCreator or any of its subclasses.

  • Various methods for finding classes in packages and jar files in AbstractClassBasedListenerObjectCreator are no longer static, so that they can be overridden if you have specific requirements.

  • Replaced Vector with CopyOnWriteArrayList for better performance, since reads will be much more frequent than writes in most use cases.

  • Added an image to explain RRiBbit Remoting where both sides are both sender and receiver of requests. See the Remoting page.

  • Upgraded all dependencies to the latest version and upgraded Maven from version 3.0.4 to version 3.1.0.

  • Various improvements to Javadoc.


2.5.0 (27-07-2013)

What's new?

  • ListenerObjectRetrievers now support multiple ListenerObjectCreators, so that the creation of ListenerObjects can be done in a modular way.

  • Improved logging performance.

  • Updated and improved documentation.


2.4.0 (08-05-2013)

What's new?

  • Added the creation of encrypted .asc files to the Maven build in preparation of publication in the Maven Central.

  • Switched to a publicly available Subversion Repository, also in preparation of publication in the Maven Central.

  • Fixed an issue where package based scanning for Listener annotations didn't work in certain cases when the class files were inside a jar.

  • Added support for multiple hints in one Listener.

  • Improved initialization time of SpringHttpRequestProcessorServlet.

  • Added a chapter in the documentation on Eventbuses in general.

  • Other minor documentation updates and improvements.


2.3.0 (10-03-2013)

What's new?

  • Improved RRiBbit HTTP Remoting Servlet creation.

  • Added Spring Integration for RRiBbit HTTP Remoting.

  • DefaultRequestResponseBus now supports multiple RequestDispatchers.


2.2.0 (23-01-2013)

What's new?

  • Added HTTP support to RRiBbit Remoting.

  • RmiRequestProcessorImpl now takes a ListenerObjectRetriever and a ListenerObjectExecutor directly, so you don't have to wire up your own LocalRequestProcessor anymore.

  • RRiBbitUtil has been moved to the org.rribbit.util package.


2.1.0 (13-10-2012)

What's new?

  • Added JMS support to RRiBbit Remoting.

  • Improved performance and logging.

  • Upgraded versions of all dependencies.

  • Updated and improved documentation.


2.0.1 (29-07-2012)

What's new?

  • Made RMI RequestDispatcher and RequestProcessor more extendable.

  • Fixed issue involving concurrent caching of requests.


2.0.0 (14-07-2012)

What's new?

  • Added RequestDispatcher and RequestProcessor to the chain of classes that process requests. This was done to create a separate layer on which Remoting could be implemented.

  • Added Request and Response objects, in order to facilitate Remoting. Response objects now contain all return values and exceptions and these are only extracted at the last stage.

  • Implemented LocalRequestDispatcher and LocalRequestProcessor, that just propagate requests locally.

  • Implemented RmiRequestDispatcher and RmiRequestProcessor, the first Remoting implementation of RRiBbit.

  • Renamed ListenerObjectCreationStrategy to ListenerObjectCreator, including implementations.

  • Renamed ListenerObjectRetrievalStrategy to ListenerObjectRetriever, including implementations.

  • Renamed ListenerObjectExecutionStrategy to ListenerObjectExecutor, including implementations.

  • Added RRiBbitUtil class for easy setup of local RRiBbit configuration.

  • Documentation was updated and restructured in order to facilitate a chapter on Remoting.


1.1.0 (31-03-2012)

What's new?

  • Renamed getters and setters of DefaultRequestResponseBus for consistency. This is not compilation compatible with 1.0.0, but the changes are trivial.

  • MultiThreadedListenerObjectExecutionStrategy no longer spawns a Thread if there is only 1 ListenerObject to be executed.

  • AbstractClassBasedListenerObjectCreationStrategy and its subclasses now support excluding classes from scanning when entire packages are scanned.

  • ObjectBasedListenerObjectCreationStrategy and its subclasses now support notification upon listener creation.

  • CachedListenerObjectRetrievalStrategy was added, for improved performance when retrieving ListenerObjects.

  • Improved documentation and javadoc.


1.0.0 (29-01-2012)

What's new?

  • Initial Release of RRiBbit.