Package org.rribbit

Class Request

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public class Request extends Object implements Serializable
This class represents a request that is made to the RequestResponseBus. It is passed to a RequestDispatcher for dispatching to a RequestProcessor.

The hint and the desiredReturnType can be null if this request does not care about the returntype or if this request does not want to select listeners based on a hint.

This class implements Serializable, but in order to be truly serializable, the user should make sure that the Objects in the parameters are also Serializable.

G.J. Schouten
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  • Constructor Details

    • Request

      public Request(Class<?> desiredReturnType, String hint, Object[] parameters)
  • Method Details

    • getHint

      public String getHint()
    • getDesiredReturnType

      public Class<?> getDesiredReturnType()
    • getParameters

      public Object[] getParameters()